Optimizing For Search

Search engine optimization is more than just targeting keywords. We analyze your current process and provide recommendations that will improve your search results.

“SEO is not about taking shortcuts.”

Our Approach

SEO Roadmap

We’ll focus on changes that can be implemented across new content so that your site optimization doesn’t fall by the wayside. Besides for improving your existing structure, we’ll make sure you have the processes in place to keep your rank. Our roadmap will give you exactly what you need to keep your site competitive in the rankings.

Technical SEO Audit

We start with the basics. This includes an entire crawl so we can see your site structure. Then we go technical and make sure everything from indexing to navigation issues are in order. We’ll see if anything is penalizing your site and prioritize problem areas.

SEO Optimization

SEO is an ongoing process. That means making sure you are continually analyzing your results. Second, optimizing changes that align best with your goals. We create a strategy that is optimizing for the long term and avoids and future site penalties to keep your site at the top of the search.

Local and National Optimization

We optimize pages according to what will have the greatest effect on your revenue. We help you determine when a more local or national approach is suitable.  SEO is about strategy and determining the best way to target your products and services.