Guide to Marketing Automation Tools

Everything is getting automated and so should your marketing. When it comes to targeting your customers, you need an approach that is automated in order to send out the correct messaging.

Social Listening

We personally use Hootsuite as our social listening tool. It helps you measure the performance of your social media posts all in one place. It can be hard to login to every platform and keep track of all the messaging for your platforms. Using social listening tools is the best way to

Email Marketing Automation is a great tool to run your marketing automation. We’ve implemented partners with campaigns that automated the entire messaging process. Why do we need to automate our email marketing? Because these automated email can be highly personalized, timed to the best time to reach out to a reader and often lead to higher click through rates. Another great use for marketing automation? Reminders! Letting users know their plan is about to expire can increase subscription rates.

Hubspot is another great marketing tool available. They’ll help you automate emails and other mundane tasks. It’s another platform designed to help you nurture prospects with highly personalized, useful content that helps convert prospects to delighted customers.