Funnel Optimization 101

Let’s start off with what exactly a funnel is. This is the entire process A to Z in converting a customer. Think of a funnel where it starts large on top and gets smaller as you get toward the center. Acquiring customers is similar in this regard. The closer you get toward the point of purchase the fewer customers you will have left.

Steps In An Acquisition Funnel

  • Awareness: This is the first time you are exposed to the brand / product either from an ad, word of mouth, or other method.
  • Interest: The product educated the customer and tries to get customers interested in their message.
  • Consideration: The brand provides additional reasons to consider such as some sort of free download, content, a newsletter, or other way to engage with the brand.
  • Intent: This is where a customer potentially adds the product to their shopping cart, reads more information about it.
  • Evaluation: A customer considers doing something, doing nothing, or maybe picking another brand.
  • Purchase: The customer finally purchases, books, or does the intended activity. From here marketers can further engage.

Steps For Creating An Effective Acquisition Funnel

  1. Ask the right questions upfront
  2. Optimize web content for organic search
  3.  Prioritize social advertising and engagement
  4. Include a variety of channels
  5. Invest in high-quality creative
  6. Incorporate video whenever possible
  7. Create optimized ads
  8. Leverage paid ads
  9. Partner with other brands
  10. Focus on sustainability and flexibility

Steps For Creating An Effective Acquisition Funnel

  • Optimize the path to conversion: Make sure that your path is well-optimized. See if you could make improvements in your landing pages, and click through actions. This is a great chance to run A/B tests to improve the layout. You can fine tune the process and over to make sure that your path to purchase is as optimized as possible.
  • Looking at Existing Customers and Make Ambassadors: Local customers to yiour brand are often those that will want to spread the message. Use them to spread the word and reword them for it. Word of mouth is one of the most effective forms of advertising. Who is more likely to spread a positive word of mouth and enjoy doing so than your best customers?
  • Try something new: There is always room to experiment as well. This can be a great chance to shift priorities and see what can be done to improve your overall acquisition. Try different channels and maybe even different landing pages to see what can be done.