Content Strategy


Content Optimization

Your content needs to maximize your brand. Its what helps lead your customers from skepticism to product advocate. We’ll make sure your content is working for you with a complete and optimized content strategy optimized to your goals.

“Good content is a great way to convince a customer of the value you offer.”

Our Strategy

Content Gap Analysis

We start by comparing your keywords against your competitors. This lets us find the gaps in the keywords they are successful in and devise a list of keyword opportunities to target.  We will then create a list of priorities based on our full analysis to create an effective way to close the keyword gap.

Search Landscape Analysis

We check the entire landscape of your customer intent. What does this mean? prioritizing keywords and topics, focusing on entity relationships and focusing on the entire competitive landscape to develop a strategy that makes sense based on the search landscape.

Content Audit

We go through your content and give an analysis of your current content. We’ll provide a full report on pages and the best way to optimize them. Optimizations include quality, readability, and how well-targeted they are for the keywords that will help in rank better in search engines.

Topical Depth Analysis

We analyze your keyword phrases, messaging, and determine how to improve the overall topical depth of your pages. We’ll apply the best UX principles and devise an overall strategy into giving you a thorough topical analysis.